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A private, 10-week coaching container for awake women ready to make real progress on their journey to self-realization by developing the skills for heart-centered communication.

Are you ready to live brightly and boldly and in accordance with your truth?


I get it.  If you're like me, you're a woman on a journey of self-discovery and awakening, driven to live authentically and in accordance with your truth.  You seek purpose and joy and the freedom to be you, the Real you.  You want to feel connected and you want to cultivate more meaningful relationships with the people who matter most.  

But at the same time you have wounds that need healing, childhood trauma that is looking for a compassionate heart, uncomfortable feelings knocking on the door of your awareness, and patterns of behavior that keep you anchored to the past in ways you no longer need to experience.  Patterns of behavior such as people-pleasing, silence, or passively speaking your truth.  Patterns of self-centeredness, rigidity and control, or aggressively speaking your truth.  Even cycles of riding the pendulum, swinging between the two.

Welcome to Own Your Truth!

I help women make real progress by learning how to be honest with themselves and others.


The Own Your Truth coaching program isn't just another self-directed course that you begin and maybe never finish. My experienced-based, proven methods show you how to transform your patterns,  heal your life, and speak your truth and I, your coach, help you to actually do it. 

If you are ready to be honest with yourself and others about what you're truly experiencing, what you truly need, and what your truth path ahead is, then skip the countless "speak your truth" self-led online courses and dive into actually changing how you show up in the world.

Image by Jens Vogel

​It is time to acknowledge that the more your words are spoken as authentic to who you really are, the better you will feel about yourself and the more connected you will feel to the nourishing energy so vital to your health and well-being.

Here are 10 benefits of heart-centered communication.

                   You feel good about yourself!  You feel empowered!

                   It puts you in the highest level of honor with your integrity.

                   You learn to advocate for yourself without giving your power away.

                    You learn to let go of control, remove your armor and let down your defenses.

                    A natural confidence and increased self-esteem. (Soul-esteem)

​                    Increased levels of joy, peace, and happiness.

                    The confidence to be more of yourself.

You stop caring what other people think, stop seeking approval and validation and you stop trying to be what others  expect you to be.

​                    You shed the cultural conditioning that keeps you from being authentic with yourself and others.

                    You seed consciousness for another as you elevate yours and rise up out of the collective unconscious.

The benefits of communicating what matters most to you, are endless.  How, and in what way you life changes for the better is ultimately up to you and dependent on the time, energy, effort and responsibility you dedicate to developing this empowering habit.


The Own Your Truth curriculum is a LIVE, 10-week coaching program and begins when you are ready.

Your investment:  $1149 - Payed in full  OR  $1188 Payment Plan (3 Installments of $396)

You'll have one, 60-minute coaching session per week.
(Telephone or Zoom)  

​You'll have 1-2 lessons per week and you can expect to spend about 60 minutes per lesson to absorb, reflect, and apply the lesson to your life. 


The hours spent on your own is where the real magic happens and will support you in feeling empowered and authentic.

In your weekly private coaching session, I will guide you to apply the lessons to the people, relationships, and connections that matter to you.  Most importantly, yourself.

Your phone calls with me will be powerful for sure, but we will also be making solid plans that move you forward to your personal goals.  You'll always be able to see that things are moving in the right direction and I'll be right here with practical steps to support you.

own your truth portal.png

Did I mention I make it conveniently easy to bring our work to life?

As a light of truth, you get your own online portal

  • Receive weekly course materials, lessons and exercises

  • Track what's important to you with actual data in a graph view

  • Check off actions from your personal roadmap

  • Pour over course materials and past session notes

  • Receive timely reminders delivered to your inbox or phone

  • Message me whenever you could use some support

As an conscious woman, you want to wake up in the morning excited about your day.  You want to create more joy, meaning, and purpose in your life.  Owning your truth and expressing your truth generates safety and trust to express yourself more.  The true you.  The real you.  The part of you that wants to be comfortable being authentic and no longer controlled by your fears, worries, or negative beliefs.  You want to enjoy the freedom to live your life on your own terms, right?


Week 1:  The Pre-Manifesting Laboratory
Week 2:  Allowing Change To Happen
Week 3:  Vishuddha - The Throat Chakra
Week 4:  Your Inner Child
Week 5:  Becoming A Skillful Host
Week 6:  Coming Back To Yourself
Week 7:  Diving A Little Deeper
Week 8:  An Assertive Voice
Week 9:  Formulas & Techniques
Week 10: Moving Forward

All program content delivered weekly can be accessed through your computer, phone, or tablet.  This makes it super easy to hop in to review the next lesson, do your coaching work, or check your progress whenever you'd like and at a time and in a place that is most convenient for you.

I'll give you easy step-by-step directions to add the coaching app to the home screen of your smartphone or tablet with just a few clicks.

Image by Karim Ben Van


Access to Luminary Life, your own private online platform that hosts all of the creative content for the program.

Ten (10) weekly private coaching calls and access to Shauna between sessions.

Course worksheets, videos, MP3s, meditations and exercises.

Metrics to build lasting habits and to track your progress and Action Items to hold yourself accountable.

Downloadable files and resources, your own private journal, and reminders sent right to your phone.

A virtual container of safety, support, and love.

Meet your personal coach

Hi there!  I'm Shauna.  Life Coach and advocate for awakened consciousness.

​For the past fourteen years I have been in practices of self-discovery, personal growth, healing, and shining the radiant light that is me.

The underlying theme of my journey has always been to shine my light.  To be me, free from the programming, conditioning, manipulation, and control.   Free from the illusion.  Free from the beliefs of others.   Free from what I was taught to believe about myself and about life.  Free from the limitations and the struggles of my mind.  Free from distorted concepts, negativity, fear, guilt, and a sense of inferiority.   An Emissary of Light, free to be me and the passion to show you ways to create light and illumination in  your life and to shine freely in your personal truth. 

​I've created a roadmap, a proven system to move you closer to your radiant True Self and I share it with you now in Own Your Truth.

I can show you a way.  I can open a door.  I can start you down a new path. 


You simply need to take the first step.

Image by Mike Petrucci


I stand by my methodology as tried and true.  The system I created supports consistent adjustment at every step and I succeed when you do.  It is a comprehensive, thought-out, supportive experience that is processed-based and not just a phone call and notebook.

However, if at any time during the first 14 days of Own Your Truth you decide it's not for you, I'll happily refund your money in full.  All I ask is to see evidence that you've tried the methodology up to that point.


My passion is helping women profoundly transform and heal their lives, even beyond my core program.  Many of my clients want to keep tracking these life-changing practices in their portals and hearing my friendly and committed voice every week.

For them I offer the Vessel of Truth Maintenance Package for $400 per month.  This gets you routine access to me, your coach, a weekly 30-minute call, and unlimited access to your personal portal for tracking.  It is completely optional and you can cancel at any time.

Over the course of 10 weeks working directly with Shauna you will learn:

  • Techniques to help express yourself lovingly, honestly and directly.

  • How to recognize and overcome fear.

  • How your Inner Child interferes with or enhances your life choices and behaviors.

  • How to bring about a balance of feminine and masculine energies to your inner landscape.

  • Why its so important for you to speak your truth at this point in your spiritual journey.

  • How to open up, activate, and balance your throat chakra.​

  • How to advocate for yourself.

  • ​How to let go of control.

  • ​Ways to enhance your self-awareness.

  • To build real, lasting habits and practices.

  • To allow yourself to feel safe in your emotions.

  • To become a skillful host to all your feelings and emotions, especially the uncomfortable ones and the ones you don't know how to express. (Yet)

  • To unearth your own unique voice and purpose

Poppy Flowers

This Is For You

If you are a lightworker, spiritual leader, spiritual explorer, energy worker, wayshower, or heart warrior.  Own Your Truth is for women who are awake and ready to profoundly transform their lives as they walk in the direction of their heart and their highest truth.  Conscious, intuitive, and sensitive women ready and willing to reclaim their voice, speak up and advocate for themselves or soften and become flexible and undefended.  If you are a women ready to elevate your consciousness and show up in the world more authentically, Own Your Truth may be for you.


If you're clear that coaching with me is something you want to do, dive right in;  you can schedule your first session and begin the  program  immediately by choosing  one of the 'Own Your Truth' ​links below.

If you have some questions, book a call with the "Complimentary Info Call" option below.  I'll just answer your questions.  No hard sell.  I promise.

Either way I'm delighted for the opportunity to help you speak the truth of who you really are. 


Whether you're ready to learn how to say no to things you want to say no to, advocate for yourself, or whether you're looking let go of control and soften, I've been there and I would love to help.

The Own Your Truth private coaching program begins when you're ready. 

Simply click one of the links above, choose a date that works for you and let's begin!

Are you ready to cultivate deeper connections to the people who matter most and establish relationships aligned with your truth?

Are you ready to communicate what matters most to you at times when it's important to do so and with the people it's important to do so with?

Go ahead then and click one of those links above.

Image by Julia Caesar

When a woman articulates what she is thinking, how she is feeling, and what she is sensing, she feels good about herself.  The more her words are practiced as authentic to who she is, the more connected she feels to the nourishing energy so vital to her health and well-being.  She dances to her own rhythm, stands strong in her power and finds purpose and meaning in her life.  As she develops the skills to communicate her thoughts, feelings, needs, wants, desires, values, and experiences, she more clearly defines who she is and she puts the practice of remaining true to herself at the top of her priority list.


The healing practice of knowingly and lovingly speaking her truth increases safety and trust in important relationships, including the relationship she has with herself.  With every personal truth that is spoken, a women's consciousness is elevated.  She brings balance and harmony to her inner landscape, leaving her feeling beautiful, whole, and complete.  She has found the freedom to be herself.  She has reclaimed her sovereignty; the right to create her own path through life.

Your truth helps you understand who you are, what you need, and how to communicate at times it's important to do so and with the people it's important to do so with.  By practicing honest and direct communication, you create safety and trust in those relationships.

You create true connection.

​There are women who remain silent or passively speak their truth and there are women who are dominating and aggressively speak their truth.  Often what can happen is a woman swings, like a pendulum, between the two.  She remains silent until she can no longer contain it then swings to the opposite side, erupting with brute-force energy, hurling insults and accusations. 

Passive and aggressive personality traits are simply measures of how, and how hard, a woman pushes for what she wants.   She remains stuck in cycles of behavior
(at times unconscious behavior) that are rooted in fear, childhood trauma, wounds, and negative, limiting beliefs.​​

Are you ready to transform your negative patterns and cycles of behavior?

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