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The Light of who you are and who you are becoming.

Self-aware, heart-centered, and soul conscious.

Move Into Higher Levels Of Consciousness

Is it time for you to rise in your own experience of life, to become better within yourself and honor who you are?

Is it time for you to stand strong and steady in your light?

Light is created when you are connected to a higher, more expanded octave.  When you are feeling open-hearted and open in your awareness and when you are balancing energy to move you from your mind to your heart.

You are a sovereign, free, beautiful, creative, and imaginative being.    You are a universal being of light.

Now is the time to refine your awareness of your light and the habits and practices around creating and supporting it.  Exploring, with curiosity and honesty the shadowy and hidden aspects of yourself and discovering anything that returns you to your light, your power, your freedom, and your expansion.

Your light is far more powerful and stronger than any fear, uncertainty, and limitation you experience.  It is a place you need to seek within yourself with regularity.  It is through your individual light, through the light of community, through our collective light that shines bright, that there is a potential and possibility, here and now, for peace, joy, harmony, love, freedom, and abundance for all.

I want to help you find and become more of your own sustained light.  I want to show you how to create habits and practices that support you being in your light.   I can show you a way.   I can open a door.   I can start you down a new path.   You simply need to take the first step.

Let your light guide your way forward!


My name is Shauna Gullbrand

I am an Awareness Specialist.   

I teach women how to develop a loving relationship with themselves and help them transform generations of negative patterns and move the stuck parts of themselves so they can radiate the light of their truth, power, and authenticity.  

Image by Micah Hallahan

Are you a women of the Awakened Collective ready to profoundly transform your life by bringing to Light the negative beliefs, perceptions, and wounds that are driving your life so you can reclaim your sovereignty, speak your truth, raise your consciousness, and move forward in the most radiant, authentic, and empowered way?

When women understand who they are and how who they are is influencing their life in a positive way or a negative way, then they can consciously make changes around that.​  Becoming aware of it is the first step.

My mission is to help you transform your life from limitation to freedom by showing you how to renew your belief systems, be a witness to your patterns of thought, word, and behavior, and by showing you how to become a skillful host to all your feelings and emotions, especially the uncomfortable ones and the ones you don't know how to express.  I am committed to helping you open your awareness, create more Light and Illumination in your life, and elevate your consciousness.

If you are ready to let go of outdated, negative, limiting beliefs that slow down your transformation and keep you anchored to the past in ways you no longer need to experience, if you're sensing the call to remember and reclaim all of who you are, if you are ready to shed the programming, labels and molds placed upon you, if you are ready to speak your truth and  know yourself as consciously as possible, then I invite you to partner with me.

Allow me to walk with you on a heart-centered journey back to yourself.

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