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  • How Does Coaching Work?
    Private coaching session are conducted on the telephone (or Zoom) and take place weekly, on the same day of the week and at the same time of day and are generally 60-minutes in length. As a client you will receive access to Luminary Life, your own private online coaching portal. Use the portal to: Connect with Shauna. Check off actions from your personal roadmap. Track your progress with actual data in graph view. Pour over coaching materials and past session notes. Book, cancel, or reschedule appointment sessions. You can even message Shauna when you could use some support. Shauna's clients are required to be in a quiet and uninterrupted space for the length of their sessions. You must be in a private, quiet space, free of distraction or interruptions with your phone on Do Not Disturb. If this cannot be achieved the session will be stopped and we will meet again the following week. No refunds will be issued. Clients are strongly encouraged to take notes, keep a journal, or use the private journal in their Luminary Life Portal. Recordings are not provided. For long-term coaching applicants, an intake questionnaire is required as well as a signed Client Service Agreement. When a monthly installment plan is agreed upon, clients will receive a Credit Card Authorization Form to sign.
  • What Is A Luminary Life Coach?
    It is a person who provides inspiration for others, who inspires or influences others, a guiding Light, a role model, a leader. It is a person who provides a frequency of a healed state for clients to match if they choose to so they can learn how to heal themselves. A Luminary Life Coach is someone who supports clients in creating more Light and Illumination in their life by making conscious, the darkness. The darkness being the unresolved childhood wounds, and the beliefs, definitions, and perceptions that are based in fear, negativity, lack, and limitation.
  • What Is Luminary Life Coaching?
    Luminary Life Coaching is a focus on bringing to Light the client's beliefs, perceptions and wounds that slow down their transformation and keep them anchored to the past in ways they no longer need to experience. It is a process of, again, bringing to Light that which interferes with the client's life choices and behaviors. (Patterns, opposing beliefs, uncomfortable emotions, etc.) As the client peels back the layers of who they are not, the False Self, they expose more Light of the True Self and discover how to know themselves as consciously as possible. Luminary Life Coaching is a way for clients to learn how to raise their own consciousness, reclaim their Spiritual Soul Sovereignty, make the changes they want to make, be the person they prefer to be, and create the life they prefer to live.
  • What Is The Awakened Collective?
    A group of souls who have experienced a spiritual awakening or transformation and are on a journey of self-realization, self-discovery, healing, and higher consciousness. They are someone who aspires to change or transform aspects of themselves and their life, those things that are no longer vibrationally compatible with who they prefer to be and the life they prefer to live. They’ve had an awareness shift and are committed to raising their consciousness. They are women and men on a journey of discovery and awareness. They are students of transformation and change, students of metaphysics and personal development. They are humans who are becoming more conscious, who are seeing, who are perceiving, whose antenna is switched on. They are someone who is questioning the status quo and actively shedding their human conditioning. They are remembering who they really are.
  • How Do I Know If I'm Having A Spiritual Awakening?
    ​As a member of the Awakened Collective, you are someone who has woken up to the idea of your spiritual self. Your shift in consciousness (awareness) may have happened spontaneously or through synchronicity like being introduced to a spiritual teacher. For many it is triggered by a major life change or trauma such as a loss, a medical diagnosis, depression, or a divorce, just to name a few. Those who are spiritually awake are individuals learning to observe patterns of thought and behavior and more easily let go of attachments. They are someone who cultivates more compassion for themselves and others and who has begun to trust and use their intuitive nudges that guide them forward. A spiritually awake person feels a renewed sense of connection at a soul level and actively moves from the idea of separation to a sense of unity and oneness. They have begun to reclaim their inner authority and integrate new truths.
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