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Child of the Heart

A comprehensive self-paced online course for women ready to become best friends with themselves again by nurturing a deep and meaningful relationship with the younger, more vulnerable parts of themselves. 

A real opening of the Heart occurs
when the Child within is allowed to speak.

The Child of your Heart has much to say and heal from. 


She is a powerful and wise Sage, the all-knowing ancient one, and if you're ready she can become your best friend and most trusted spiritual guide. 

Your Child is a reality you cannot see, the part of you that is alive, energetic, creative and fulfilled.  She is your True Self.

She holds the keys to intimacy in relationships, your physical energy and your well-being.  She is the doorway to your subconscious mind and the one who grants you the ability to hear the laments of the younger, wounded, more vulnerable parts of yourself.


She is the feeling part of you who loves to play and explore.  The intuitive part of you, the spontaneous, fearless, creative Self, your highest and most innocent Self who is crying out to be heard.


Are you ready to listen?


Fostering a trusting and honest relationship with the little girl inside you is a vital part of healing from the inside out.  She yearns to be recognized and acknowledged, seen and heard, respected and valued, and to be consciously experienced as a real living presence in your life.


You learn to love yourself deeply and unconditionally when you get in touch with the parts of you that are active and operating within you, and communicate with them about what they are experiencing, what they need, how you can support them, and how you can be the ‘good enough parent’ to them.


The wounded child inside you wants to heal and be freed from the grips of always being in survival mode.  Your undivided, non-judgmental, kind, patient and loving attention will convince her to open up the vault of your self-limiting, fear-based beliefs and begin the healing process.

What if ...

you could finally heal old wounds, dissolve the pain, free stuck energy, and forgive?

Imagine the LIGHT-ness of your life when you are no longer weighed down from feelings of sadness, anger, resentment, shame, guilt, and disappointment.

you had a self-holistic toolkit to elevate your awareness around the frustrating challenges of adulthood and how they are linked to unrecognized wounds of childhood?

Your wounds are active and the Child present when you are triggered, challenged, conflicted, or in fear.  Learning new coping skills helps free you from the need to numb out or ignore the truth of your experience.

you could learn how to welcome your body to be saturated with acceptance of yourself, unconditional love for yourself, unconditional approval of yourself, and recognition of your value and worth?

Focus on the idea of being you and learn to speak and act more kindly and gently to yourself.  Today and every day, filling yourself up with unconditional love for yourself.

you could learn how to navigate your own personal needs, create boundaries, and live in accordance with your personal truths?

I'm talking about deep work on your own personal healing journey.  Becoming better within yourself and honoring who you are and who you are and who you are becoming.

What if there is nothing more important than loving yourself and becoming best friends with yourself again?

Benefits of being in relationship with yourself ...


Being more of your True Self, elevated 


and maintaining a higher vibration


Increased levels of compassion, acceptance, gratitude, and approval of yourself


Emotional maturity and the ability to recognize and transform fear

more easily.


Healed wounds, forgiveness of self and others, and the ability to nourish yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually


Self-empowerment, the ability to set boundaries, and understanding your relationships more clearly


The development of healthy coping mechanisms and understanding how your past affects your present

The benefits of inner child work are vast, and personal and unique to your experience and your healing journey.


Lifetime access to all course materials

Enroll and receive instant access to the course.  All course materials are neatly stored in your private members' area for easy access, any time.

Course Soul sheets, videos, MP3s, and exercises

Dive into Soul sheets that prompt the practice of introspection and pour over the course content offered in a variety of formats.

Live Child of the Heart  virtual circles

A live healing circle with Shauna where she takes questions on the course material to offer deeper clarification and explanation.



A few extra goodies that can add depth and insight to your spiritual journey and guide you into a deeper relationship with the Child of Your Heart.

Guided journeys and Heart-centered meditations

To connect with the Child within, your focus needs to turn within.  Use these guided journeys and meditations to help you get there.



All in PDF format that you can choose to either printout to write on by hand, or download to your computer and type directly onto. This is a great option for those who prefer not to have a physical journal to write in.

Image by Mary Ray

Learn to connect to and cultivate a more loving and compassionate relationship with the little girl inside you.

MODULE 1 - Discovery:  Learn what the inner Child is and how you can connect with her and begin your healing journey together.  Discover the powerful transformative tool of mirror work and how it can get you in touch with your own personal needs.

MODULE 2 - Cultivating Awareness:  Become familiar with the Root Chakra and the Heart Chakra and how balancing these energy centers can accelerate your healing process.  Be introduced to the Archetype of Mother and how you can begin your practice of re-mothering yourself.

MODULE 3 - Extending A Loving Hand:   Learn to become more familiar with and start to love your wounded inner Child and discover how she influences your daily life in positive ways and in negative ways.  Be playful with art and drawing and learn ways to embrace the energy of forgiveness.

MODULE 4 - Re-Parenting the Child Within:   Discover the power of asking questions and begin using the Soul Nourishing Formula that helps you learn to be present, curious, and spacious in your experiences and to infuse your experience with the healing power of compassion.  

MODULE 5 - Maintaining Your Connection:   Be introduced to self-soothing ways to maintain the connection with the Child of your Heart that will guide you in cultivating a deeper and meaningful and compassionate relationship with yourself.

BONUS MATERIAL MODULE to complete the course!

Become a conscious aware human and rise in your own experience of life.

Child of the Heart is a deep dive into your inner world.   It will help you uncover what you've been taught to define as truth about yourself and it will help you release obstacles to your own illumination.   It is an invitation to expand your consciousness, explore yourself more deeply and transform the relationship you have with yourself.  

Child of the Heart offers you tools you can use to feel safe, secure, and protected at a core level.  Tools that can help you live a happy and joy-filled childhood, no matter your age.   It can help you address past wounds by understanding the needs you had as a child and move you towards radical self-acceptance and approval.

Learn how your childhood is still playing out in your adult life.

Dissolve negative, fear-based, self-limiting beliefs and replace them with ones based in love, positivity, expansion and abundance.

Validate all portions of your consciousness including your inner Child.  

Connect to and reclaim the Child to arrive at a higher level of awareness and truly begin to integrate these different aspects of yourself.

Become aware of them and how they move in and out of your awareness.

Flower in Sunlight


Get ready to embark on a healing journey back home to yourself through a deep and meaningful relationship with the Child of your Heart.

It is time to learn how to show up for yourself and to give yourself greater freedom and the confidence to live authentically.

I am offering you a roadmap to inner child work and I'm here with you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does Coaching Work?
    Private coaching session are conducted on the telephone (or Zoom) and take place weekly, on the same day of the week and at the same time of day and are generally 60-minutes in length. As a client you will receive access to Luminary Life, your own private online coaching portal. Use the portal to: Connect with Shauna. Check off actions from your personal roadmap. Track your progress with actual data in graph view. Pour over coaching materials and past session notes. Book, cancel, or reschedule appointment sessions. You can even message Shauna when you could use some support. Shauna's clients are required to be in a quiet and uninterrupted space for the length of their sessions. You must be in a private, quiet space, free of distraction or interruptions with your phone on Do Not Disturb. If this cannot be achieved the session will be stopped and we will meet again the following week. No refunds will be issued. Clients are strongly encouraged to take notes, keep a journal, or use the private journal in their Luminary Life Portal. Recordings are not provided. For long-term coaching applicants, an intake questionnaire is required as well as a signed Client Service Agreement. When a monthly installment plan is agreed upon, clients will receive a Credit Card Authorization Form to sign.
  • What Is A Luminary Life Coach?
    It is a person who provides inspiration for others, who inspires or influences others, a guiding Light, a role model, a leader. It is a person who provides a frequency of a healed state for clients to match if they choose to so they can learn how to heal themselves. A Luminary Life Coach is someone who supports clients in creating more Light and Illumination in their life by making conscious, the darkness. The darkness being the unresolved childhood wounds, and the beliefs, definitions, and perceptions that are based in fear, negativity, lack, and limitation.
  • What Is Luminary Life Coaching?
    Luminary Life Coaching is a focus on bringing to Light the client's beliefs, perceptions and wounds that slow down their transformation and keep them anchored to the past in ways they no longer need to experience. It is a process of, again, bringing to Light that which interferes with the client's life choices and behaviors. (Patterns, opposing beliefs, uncomfortable emotions, etc.) As the client peels back the layers of who they are not, the False Self, they expose more Light of the True Self and discover how to know themselves as consciously as possible. Luminary Life Coaching is a way for clients to learn how to raise their own consciousness, reclaim their Spiritual Soul Sovereignty, make the changes they want to make, be the person they prefer to be, and create the life they prefer to live.
  • What Is The Awakened Collective?
    A group of souls who have experienced a spiritual awakening or transformation and are on a journey of self-realization, self-discovery, healing, and higher consciousness. They are someone who aspires to change or transform aspects of themselves and their life, those things that are no longer vibrationally compatible with who they prefer to be and the life they prefer to live. They’ve had an awareness shift and are committed to raising their consciousness. They are women and men on a journey of discovery and awareness. They are students of transformation and change, students of metaphysics and personal development. They are humans who are becoming more conscious, who are seeing, who are perceiving, whose antenna is switched on. They are someone who is questioning the status quo and actively shedding their human conditioning. They are remembering who they really are.
  • How Do I Know If I'm Having A Spiritual Awakening?
    ​As a member of the Awakened Collective, you are someone who has woken up to the idea of your spiritual self. Your shift in consciousness (awareness) may have happened spontaneously or through synchronicity like being introduced to a spiritual teacher. For many it is triggered by a major life change or trauma such as a loss, a medical diagnosis, depression, or a divorce, just to name a few. Those who are spiritually awake are individuals learning to observe patterns of thought and behavior and more easily let go of attachments. They are someone who cultivates more compassion for themselves and others and who has begun to trust and use their intuitive nudges that guide them forward. A spiritually awake person feels a renewed sense of connection at a soul level and actively moves from the idea of separation to a sense of unity and oneness. They have begun to reclaim their inner authority and integrate new truths.
Red Poppy

I hope you'll join me in this course!

By the end of this course you will have the skills, wisdom, and knowledge to cultivate a deep and meaningful relationship with yourself and the Child of your Heart.  You will also learn to love the wounded parts of yourself and integrate them as part of your wholeness.   So, get ready to embark upon a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Shauna Gullbrand

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All Rights Reserved.

Artwork by Gioia Albano - "Loving Your Inner Child"

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All photos are of me, little Shauna.

Coaching is not advice.  Coaching is not therapy.    They may have some similarities but neither I or this course is a replacement for  counseling or therapy.  I am not, nor do I claim to be a licensed medical professional.


If you are in crisis or immediate danger or having suicidal thoughts, please use these resources.


  • National Suicide Hotline:  If you are feeling distressed and need to talk to a counselor,

        please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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