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Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

Guiding Principles & Core Values

My Personal Philosophy

As your coach and teacher, I commit to the following life philosophies to coach, teach, and live by.

​1.   Love is all there is.  

The most powerful force in the Universe, love is it.  The word that frees us from the weight, fear, and pain of life, is LOVE.  It makes the world go round and when we let love guide our thoughts, words, and actions, we can live a more authentic and happier life.

2.   Passion is your purpose so move towards what excites you.
Move in a direction of those things that excite you, those things that light you up!  There's no need to stop to check in the opinions of others or to receive validation for something that speaks to your soul.  Simply move in a direction of your excitements to the best of your ability and detach from the outcome.


3.   Be your best self.
That can change day-to-day, moment-to-moment.  Simply put your best self forward in all you do and move towards what gets you excited!


4.   Stay in your Light.
Shine, always.  Express yourself in every moment of every day and bring your best self forward.  You might be too much for some and that's okay.  This is not about keeping yourself dulled so another can feel better about themselves.  This is about you, living your life for you, in full expression of who you are.


5.   You are your own authority.
In terms of your personal goals and what excites you in life, you are the only one you need to check in with.  You are the only one to give you the thumbs up, the green light, the okay to move forward.  You, and only you.


6.   The point of power is in the present moment.
​All we have is right here and right now.  THIS is where life is happening.   Past wounds and fear of the future have no hold on us in the present moment. They only have power over us in the present moment if we let them.  Be present.  Be powerful.


7.   The answers to all questions lie within.
In order to tap into your inner guidance system, you must quiet the mind and still the body.  Problems cannot be solved on the same level of the thinking that created them.  Space must be made for the answers to surface from within the feeling body.


8.   We are here to express our uniqueness.
Love the idea of not being who people expect you to be.  Love the idea that to fit in anywhere means being your unique self.  Instead of trying to be what you think people want to see, be you!  Unapologetic, authentic and genuinely you!


9.    The Universe is abundant and supportive.
Needs are always met.  Always.  Maybe not our wants, but the Universe always gives us what we need.  It might not be in the shape or form we desire, and that's okay.


10.  Each person we meet is a mirror reflection of some part of us.
The people in our life reflect parts of our own consciousness back to us.  The people we love reflect the qualities we love about ourselves.  The more challenging people we encounter reflect back parts of ourselves in need of healing.


11.  What you put out, you get back.
What you believe about life and about yourself becomes true for you.  It's that simple.  This is why it's so important to check in with your quality of thought and word.  You are always attracting something so monitor your vibration more frequently.


12.  All experiences are opportunity for growth.
Most especially, the challenging experiences.  If we take the time for awareness and introspection, we find growth.  Sometimes we don't have the "in the moment" capacity.  The growth can then be seen and acknowledged in retrospect.  


13.  Choice is freedom.
Remove the word "should" from your vocabulary and in its place, the word "could".    When we use the word could we give ourselves choice and we are never wrong.  Choice means freedom.


14.  Listen to understand.
Instead of listening with the intent on responding to someone's situation from your own personal perspective and through your lens, simply listen to understand them deeper.   Let it be about them, not you.   Learn to create a container for others to be held in by you, so they feel seen and heard.

*This list is fluid and evolving, just like you and me.

What I value the most beyond love and family:


Talk to me please!  And I can promise you that I may possibly over-communicate with you!  When things are communicate there is clarity and the absence of questions.  I'm all about having everyone on the same page.

I am fully committed to being 100% me.  All. The. Time.  I've come to realize that living my life for others is not the way I want to live.  I'm tired of trying to fit in to be accepted and liked.  I'm tired of trying to be perfect in the eyes of others.  Being authentically me is freeing, light, and exciting!

I own what is mine, my commitments and promises or the "mistakes" I've made or when I'm understanding the role I played in a situation.   I ask you to do the same.

Not an easy practice I know, but the more I do it, the easier it gets.  Vulnerability brings a sense of freedom and empowerment when I move past the fear in expressing my wants, needs and desires.  The more I open up and expose myself, the stronger I feel.  Relationships are deepened and life is more joyful.

To say what I mean and mean what I say.  To express my truths honestly and directly from a place of love and compassion for both myself and the relationship.  Truth sets me free from assumption and resentment and brings clarity, focus and love.

Personal Development
Above all others is my life-long commitment to knowing myself better.  To becoming more conscious or aware of what holds me back and what drives me forward.  My goal is to live the very best version of myself while on my journey of self-discovery and healing.

My vision is to be a wayshower and help raise the consciousness of the planet by inspiring people to live authentically in their light.  Unapologetic, aware and empowered.

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