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Know Yourself with Shauna Gullbrand is available on:


Because knowing yourself isn’t just another buzz word. Knowing yourself is the first step toward becoming the empowered individual you know you can be.  Your authenticity, your expansion, your transformation and your healing comes through your willingness to feel and explore, to look deeply within yourself with eyes of curiosity and honesty and by cultivating a meaningful relationship with the child inside you.

Are you ready to know yourself as consciously as possible?

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Hello beautiful soul.


​I'm Shauna, a Luminary Life Coach for women of the Awakened Collective ready to profoundly transform themselves by bringing to Light the negative beliefs, perceptions, and wounds that are driving their life so they can reclaim their Soul Sovereignty, integrate new truths, raise their consciousness and move forward in the most radiant, authentic, and empowered way.


My mission is to help you transform your life from limitation to freedom by showing you how to renew your belief systems, become a witness to your patterns of thought, word, and behavior, and by showing you how to become a skillful host to all your feelings and emotions, especially the uncomfortable ones. I am committed to helping you open your awareness, create more Light and Illumination in your life.


On my channel I offer you practices that help you raise your consciousness and accelerate your transformation.


In service, in Light and in love,


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