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In what ways do you create Light and Illumination?

In what ways do you find the Light within you?

I wrote previously in one of my newsletters about the energy of war, how we were trained into it, and how it shows up on a personal level when we judge and criticize other people and groups and when we judge and criticize ourselves.  The energy of war is darkness, the opposite of light. 

More and more humans are waking up to the truth of their Light and realizing that in order to find it, generate it, and create it, one must have the willingness to look honestly at their own darkness.  To look with eyes of understanding at their own patterns. 

I sat with these questions this morning.  Everything I wrote in my journal, at least the first two pages, were awareness that surfaced by looking honestly at what was dark, where the energy of war was showing up for me on a personal level.  Sure, I could share with you how I create Light and Illumination by acting on my highest excitements, through my creativity and self-expression, when I’m having a deep and meaningful conversation and sharing in laughter with my close friends, when I’m surrounded by my loving family, when I’m out in nature, and when I’m playing with my dog, Mae.  But that wasn’t what I wrote about.  Not at first. 

Before I share with you ways that you can find and create more light within yourself, I encourage you to write those questions down at the top of a journal page and reflect on them.  Become still and quiet, free of distraction and give yourself some space for your answers to emerge from within you. 

Here is what I discovered this morning.  Better yet, here is what I remembered this morning.

Light is created:

  •  The moment you recognize you are slipping back into an old pattern, perhaps a self-sabotaging tendency.

  •  When you choose not to buy into the constellation of voices that speak to fear, negativity, lack, and limitation.

  •  When you notice the energy of war within yourself in the way of self-trashing, self-criticism, self-judgement and you make the conscious decision to bring peace and stop the madness.

  •  Every time you practice self-awareness.

  •  Every time you look deeply within yourself and honestly admit what you are experiencing.

  •  When you embrace all parts of yourself, even the scary dark shit.

  •  Every time you connect with your Inner Child.

  •  Every time you speak your truth to yourself and others.

  •  Every single time you are in your heart, and you activate the frequencies of compassion, understanding, kindness, gentleness, nurturance, and love.

  •  When you greet your feelings and are willing to listen to what they have to say.

  •  When you stop ignoring, fearing, controlling, rejecting, or suppressing a feeling or emotion knocking on the door of your awareness.

  •  Every time you give yourself permission to do what you want rather than what you tell   yourself you “should” be doing.

  •  When you know your life is unfolding the way it’s supposed to and that you are exactly where you need to be.

  •  Every time you choose to pay attention to your thoughts.

  •  Every moment you find peace and harmony and love and accept yourself more deeply.

  •  Every time you are right here for yourself.


This is how you Illuminate.  This is how you shine.  This is how you Live your Light.

In service, love, and light …


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