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​I’ve been talking a lot lately about rising feminine energies and the pull I feel as a woman to learn more and to understand how I can bring balance back into my internal landscape.  So I went on a Google quest to find the answers, or at least get an idea of what others were offering on ways to reclaim my birthright.

Before the birth of the patriarchy, some 10,000 years ago, women were revered and respected and looked at as a source of wisdom.  Symbolized by the circle, that all changed when the line became superior with the inception of the patriarchy.  The patriarchy is a social system that defaults power and authority to men.  Sadly, the feminine archetype was suppressed.  It was no longer valued.  In fact, it was seen as a threat.  Ever since, we, you and I, have been defaulting to the masculine first.  Driven to go make something of ourselves, taught to ignore the wellspring of wisdom inside us.

Both the collective archetypes, the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine, are needed in order for us to feel whole.  To be clear, masculine does not equal male and feminine does not equal female.  Both exist within all of us.  One is not more important than the other, neither holds more value than the other, but we do need to restore the wholeness by finding balance between the two or perhaps learn to dance between the two.

As I mentioned, we’ve been defaulting to masculine qualities of control, power, domination, separation, logic, etc., which drive our decisions.  And at the same time, we’ve repressed the feminine qualities of emotion and intuition.  This has been done as a means to maintain order.  Yet things are changing.  More and more people are beginning to wake up to something ancient calling to them, seeking them out.  The feminine and masculine energies want to be united.  Can you feel it?  As an individual, a call from deep inside you.  As a collective, a calling to heal this planet.

I’m tired of playing by the rules of the patriarchy.  I’m done with the toxic masculinity and the suppression of the feminine.  I certainly don’t want a world without men.  I love men.  All I’m saying is I’m ready and willing to join the movement of rising feminine energies.  In truth, I already have, and I invite you to join me.

The results of my search weren’t very surprising.   Here’s a lengthy list of suggestions to reclaim your feminine energy. 

- Speak your truth

- Spend time with women

- Be open to receiving

- Wear more jewelry / enhance your appearance

- Be creative

- Embrace your sexuality

- Be proud of being a woman 

- Reclaim your own beauty

- Reconnect with your body / love your body

- Spend time in nature

- Practice daily rituals

- Listen to your intuition

- Dance

- Give yourself free days

- Take a bath

- Nurture yourself

- Cultivate vulnerability

- Befriend your Shadow

- Take inspired action

- Slow down and tune in

- Identify your power source

- Receive love

- Stop judging and comparing

- Journal

- Practice self-love

- Get in touch with your dreams

- Incorporate more Yin energy into your space

- Tap into your intuition

- Unfollow people on social media

- Stop gossiping

- Write affirmations to yourself

- Remind yourself that you’re safe

- Try out different hairstyles

- Change the perspective you have of yourself

- Embrace your menstrual cycle

- Be okay with being a woman

- Listen to music

- Go shopping

- Make an effort to do the best you can

- Say yes

- Learn something new

- Practice radical self-awareness

- Claim your story

- Go within before acting 

As I wrote down and reviewed the list, I found myself laughing in judgement at some and agreeing whole-heartedly with others, something occurred to me.  Something felt missing.  I became aware of the suggestions that may leave a woman in confusion, scratching her head and asking, HOW do I do that?  How do I love myself?  How do I love my body when I’ve been ridiculing and rejecting it all my life?  How does one befriend their Shadow?  How does one open up to receiving when they have been closed off to love?  How?!?  Well, with the assistance of licensed professionals, a life coach, courses, circles, support groups, good friends, and your willingness to change, you can understand the how at a time and in a place and at a pace that is comfortable for you.  There is an abundance of resources out there for women.

All that said, the last suggestion on the list, Go within before acting, was what really caught my eye.  It was the last item on a list I found in an article or blog post someone had written.  Directly under each suggestion the author went into a bit more detail, explaining why the suggestion was so important.  The first two words in the description underneath Go within before acting, were the words,  And finally …. )

I thought, finally?  What?  This suggestion is last on your list?  In that moment I realized what was missing from the several articles I read and videos I watched.  The willingness and the practice of being with feelings and emotions.   The idea of checking in with what is happening in the moment and tapping into the wellspring of wisdom within, IS, in my humble opinion, the first step in remembering, reconnecting, and reclaiming sacred feminine energy! 

Within the system of the patriarchy, we have been trained to think instead of feel.   We’ve been taught to dismiss, reject, manage or control our feelings and emotions because we believe them to be dangerous, bad and wrong.   We’ve learned to hate and fear our emotions, that what we felt wasn’t okay.  We were talked out of our emotions, trained to hide our feelings and to distrust them and dislike them.   Sadly, most people are afraid of their feelings, so we’ve learned to distract ourselves in all kinds of compulsions and addictions like eating, drinking, gambling, shopping, exercising,  binge watching Netflix, and scrolling unconsciously through social media newsfeeds.

Emotions are the body’s most intimate way of communicating.  Yet so many fear they can’t handle the pain, or they’ll become lost in the feelings and overwhelmed, that it might last forever, or that is may lead them to engage in hurtful, destructive behavior.   

If you are someone like me who senses the ancient calling, seeking you out, please understand that the feminine is found in your willingness to feel and be with your emotions.    Masculine energies are found in the mind.  Feminine energies are found in the body.   Going within is a feminine quality.  Acting is a masculine quality. 

I’ll be talking more and more and more about this but for right now I want to offer you something to get you started.

How willing are you to begin the process of BEING with your feelings and emotions?  Your willingness plays a BIG role.  Start to become aware of your triggers, compulsions, addictions, and strong emotions and when you do, become present.  Check in and ask, what’s really going on here?  Get curious!  Give yourself space by letting what’s there, be there.  Practice HONEST self-exploration.   Slide down out of your thinking mind into the welcoming arms of your compassionate heart and ask, what do I truly need in this moment?

You begin to reclaim your sacred feminine when you begin to reclaim your feelings and emotions.   Only then, in the present moment of the heart and body, can you tap into the wellspring of wisdom within you.

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