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Why Shining My Light Is Important To Me

Updated: Mar 8


Why is shining my light so important to me?  Because it feels better than any other version of myself.  When I think back to who I was thirteen years ago, it’s like night and day.  Ha!  That’s exactly what it is or was.  I became willing to look at my own life at what needed to be changed.  I became willing to look at my own darkness and bring it into the light for healing and transformation. 

My darkness looked like unhealthy habits, dysfunctional behavior, being unconscious, taking everything personally, blaming others for what was happening in my life, giving my power away, losing all sense of self, struggles with my mind, compulsive thinking, hatred of my body, living through the beliefs of others, trying to fit into a mold of what a woman should be, rigidity and control, manipulation, self-righteousness, self-centeredness, a lack of emotional intelligence, inability to be present, caring what other people thought, a need to fit in and be liked, and the absence of compassion.

It was heavy and dark and it sucked and it all came to a head around November 2009.  That was when I began to wake up to my light and the idea of change.

Shining in one’s light means different things for different people.  Maybe some of what I wrote about my darkness resonates with you.  Are you willing to start looking at your own life and your own darkness?  If you’re reading this, it’s likely you are.

The benefits that accompany stepping into my light and radiating the beautiful being that is me are endless and beautiful and loving and authentic.  Oh, and healing.  Not just for me, but for humanity and this amazing planet we all live on. 

Shining my light looks like and feels like and sounds like this …. (In no particular order)

Reclaiming my power and my sword of sovereignty.

Freeing myself from the beliefs of others and the ones that keep me anchored to the past.

Clearing out and dissolving my beliefs that are based in fear, negativity, and limitation.


No longer shrinking or modifying or minimizing myself.

Health and vitality.

Liking, accepting, and loving my body.

Freeing myself from the struggles of my mind, disidentifying with my mind and being more in my body and in my heart.

Becoming a skillful host to ALL my feelings and emotions, even the most challenging.

Letting emotions flow through me instead of keeping them boxed up.

Becoming more intuitive and trusting and following the guidance of my inner wisdom.

Being more present while eliminating distractions.

Healing compulsions and addictions.

Letting go of attachments.

Letting relationships be what they are instead of imposing a structure on them.

Responding instead of reacting.

Willing to take risks and reach my potential.

New ways of behaving that are more aligned with who I prefer to be.

Setting boundaries.

Speaking my truth.

Freeing myself from the manipulation and control of the media.

Creating new joy-filled experiences.

Cultivating more love and compassion for everything and everyone.

Win, win, win, win!  Wouldn't you agree?

I'll end by saying this; We are all both night and day, darkness and light.  To be your whole self is to embrace all of it.  We are this and that.  The question is, who do you prefer to be?

In service, love and light,


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